01 March 2013

Friday = 7QTs

Another week, another seven quick takes.

I spent a significant amount of time with Dr. Black this week. I really really need more female friends here.

My mood is always so much better after my yoga class. I changed my pilates class, that I wasn't enjoying as much, to another yoga class. Deep breathing, deliberate movements, and stretching do wonders for me. I convinced my 6'6" red headed friend to come with me to yoga. It will be great.

There exists a third radiation belt encircling Earth, if conditions are right. The more you learn, the less you know?

I started reading Bright-Sided and it has been pretty interesting so far. It reads like one anecdote after another and not as much science as I thought there would be. The book is still interesting, but I was hoping for more.

One of the things she talks about is the advice people give to be happier usually includes to stop socializing with negative people and to stop reading the news because both can bring you down. Create your own bubble and not have your happy world view challenged at all. I think that might lead to ignoring things that do not match what you have constructed instead of allowing you to explore your feelings.

I did our taxes and instead of owing $800 like last year, we only owe $200! Getting married DID NOT help out in the tax department at all. Can we claim the cat as a dependent?

Speaking of the cat, she has taken to laying on my head when she comes up to the bed in the morning. And gets huffy when I move my head to, you know, breathe properly.

Last Sunday, we rode the train from Portland to Dover in heavy snowfall. Snow covering the trees, train whipping by, warm and cozy inside talking to my husband and comparing how our cat and a two year old have a lot in common.


  1. #3 is blowing my mind. what?!?

    1. I know! It is pretty amazing and shows how little we know about the near-Earth environment.

    2. Hopefully that third belt reappears, and I get to study it more. The guy that wrote that paper (and did the press conference yesterday) is my boss!

    3. Also, I like seeing the one page view I get from Sweden every week. : )

  2. I heart you Carol Weaver!!! Maybe we'll get to work in the same place again. That would be amazing.

  3. And great job getting Trevor to yoga. I have been trying to convince him to go for years!

    1. He seemed pretty excited about it, and I might have convinced him to stay for the Zumba class which comes directly after yoga...!