29 March 2013

Birthday quick takes

Today is my 28th birthday! Birthday quick takes!

Yesterday was Matthew's 36th birthday and the one day of the year where we are separated by nine years in our age.

I share my birthday with 1 uncle, 1 cousin, and 1 child-of-a-cousin (is that a 2nd cousin?). June is a pretty sexy month, I guess!

I've had a couple of birthday parties where almost no one came to my party.

I am right on track for my goal of finishing my Ph.D by the time I'm 30. In fact, this time next year, I should be nearing completion!

When I was little, I would ask my mom to make a bunny cake for my birthday. I thought her skills of using two round cakes and cutting them up into ears, bow tie, and face was magical! Like this, but mine always had much much less candy.

I think it is always true that if my birthday is on a Friday, that it is on Good Friday. But the only other time I can remember my birthday being on Good Friday was when I was under the age of 9 and living Provo, so that rule might not always be true.

I bought an old school, all metal sewing machine off E-Bay a few weeks ago. According to the tracking information, it should arrive today. That will make an excellent birthday present.

15 March 2013

7QT: Sita Edition

One year ago tomorrow, we welcomed Sita into our home. My Seven Quick Takes this week will be all about her.

1. Kitty butt is not a hide-y cat. She really prefers to be out in the open and above everyone else. She is The Alpha Cat. Here are two photos from her first night at our place.

2. Kitty-kins is a leaner. As you can see above and in the photos below, she likes to have her head above the rest of her body and lean on something comfy.

3. The Beast loves to lay on flat surfaces and watch everything going on.

4. Cat Butt Monster sleeps in the cutest positions.

5. If you are on a laptop, there is a 95% chance of a kitty coming in and laying on it.

6. Kittyloaf likes going outside to munch on grass and vomit. She refuses to take any stomach medicine, so we let her vomit whatever it is that she needs to get out of her upset stomach.

7. With The Cat's kidney disease, she needs to drink a lot of water and gets in whereever she can.

We love her a lot and we are going to miss her when she dies. However, I still think she is immortal and we will be carting her around from place to place.

You can see all the photos of her by clicking on the photo below.

13 March 2013

Spock with a kitten.

From the FYStarTrek Blog.

I'm now a big ol' softie for the cats after owning my first cat for almost a year (!). It is funny how my indifference towards animals changed when I started living with one. Right now, I can't really imagine not having a little cuddle buddy anymore. It is nice to have a little creature excited to see me when I get home.

08 March 2013

Another week, another Seven Quick Takes

The kitty freaks out after she poops. She is 20 years old. She leaps off the top of the short flight of stairs from the kitchen to the living room (4 steps) and runs across the living room, hides under furniture, meows super duper loud, runs when we chase her around the apartment, runs up all the stairs to the bedroom (8 steps), hides under the bed, runs into the closet, runs out, and generally gets really fruity. She is pretty spry for being so old.

This only lasts, at most, 5 minutes and then she puts herself to bed for the next four hours.

Spring break is starting a day early today with a snow day! Spring break for me just really means that I get to do research work and not worry about classes as much.

I'm in my fourth year and graduate school and I'm still taking classes. Ugh.

I am going yoga crazy. I look forward to doing it every week and I want to do as many classes as I can. Breathing, it does good things to your body. Who knew?

I made the chickpea flour pizza I linked to a few weeks ago and it was not fabulous when I tried cooking it in the oven, everything dried out too much. It was much better when I cooked it on the stove-top with a lid to steam it a bit. I put browned onions, swiss chard, and roasted butternut squash (which tastes like burnt marshmallows when you over roast them) on top.

Matthew and I have been going a little tea crazy lately. We went through and bought a large variety of teas from Upton Tea and have been slowing making our way through them. My favourites so far: Baker Street Blend (very mellow smokiness), Gen-mai Cha (tastes like popcorn!), and Decaf Chai Agni (the chili pepper gives it a bit of a kick). It is amazing how much volume the tea leaves take up once they unfurl, I'm glad I only put 1 tsp of the Thai oolong in my teapot, it expanded to fill up the entire basket. Maybe next time, I'll try to just put the tea directly in the teapot to allow for more expansion.

I am also putting together a collection of tea that is not quite my cuppa. I'm finding that my tastes are for a strong black with no floral or sweet flavours. Why did I think that I would like Sweet Orange Black Tea?

We started watching the TV show The Americans on Hulu last night. We were only planning on watching one episode and that turned into watching three. I am really really enjoying the show thus far. Warning, it is a bit sexually and violently graphic.

01 March 2013

Friday = 7QTs

Another week, another seven quick takes.

I spent a significant amount of time with Dr. Black this week. I really really need more female friends here.

My mood is always so much better after my yoga class. I changed my pilates class, that I wasn't enjoying as much, to another yoga class. Deep breathing, deliberate movements, and stretching do wonders for me. I convinced my 6'6" red headed friend to come with me to yoga. It will be great.

There exists a third radiation belt encircling Earth, if conditions are right. The more you learn, the less you know?

I started reading Bright-Sided and it has been pretty interesting so far. It reads like one anecdote after another and not as much science as I thought there would be. The book is still interesting, but I was hoping for more.

One of the things she talks about is the advice people give to be happier usually includes to stop socializing with negative people and to stop reading the news because both can bring you down. Create your own bubble and not have your happy world view challenged at all. I think that might lead to ignoring things that do not match what you have constructed instead of allowing you to explore your feelings.

I did our taxes and instead of owing $800 like last year, we only owe $200! Getting married DID NOT help out in the tax department at all. Can we claim the cat as a dependent?

Speaking of the cat, she has taken to laying on my head when she comes up to the bed in the morning. And gets huffy when I move my head to, you know, breathe properly.

Last Sunday, we rode the train from Portland to Dover in heavy snowfall. Snow covering the trees, train whipping by, warm and cozy inside talking to my husband and comparing how our cat and a two year old have a lot in common.