16 June 2013

Weekend Quick Takes

1. You know what I am not doing today? I am not in/travelling to Snowmass for GEM. I have mixed emotions about not going to GEM, but mostly happiness.

2. We moved! It went pretty smoothly, despite weather forecast fickleness.

This is the reason we moved:

Kitchen in old place

Kitchen in new place

3. A couple other photos from our new place.

4. I think the cat has forgiven us for the move. She is becoming more settled and less anxious. The basements between the apartments are connected and the day we moved everything over, she found her way into the basement and made her way over to the old place. She looked so sad to see everything gone. She has been spending the majority of her time here:

in her comfort box full of my old clothes.

5. Sita doesn't exhibit a lot of cat like behaviours - such as playing with a string or laying right in the middle of a book if it is laying open. Other times, though, she is all cat. Today we were putting away the just dried laundry and she came to check out the warm pile.

6. It is nice to be completely in love with someone.

7. We got our gardening squared away for the summer. We planted cucumbers, habaneros, oregano, and carrots in one of the raised beds in our yard. The other raised bed we are calling the "Wild bed". Matthew tilled in some compost a few months ago and a few vegetables just sprung to life, so we are letting them go. We have summer squash, tomatoes, peppers, and dill growing wild. I'm going through and culling out weeds and things that are too close together, but it will be fun to watch it go!

Cultivated Bed

Wild Bed