08 September 2013

In which I make another dress and a purse!

A couple of weeks ago, the box I mailed from Mom's House of Fabric arrived in New Hampshire. Among the goodies I selected was an autumn coloured striped cotton fabric.

I found this dress on Pintrest a few weeks ago and I was inspired to make a dress with my striped fabric.

Via Pinterest from Ace & Jig.

I was undecided as to what I would use for the pattern, when I decided to go with a pattern that I knew fit and was sitting right next to me - the Washi Dress. I have made it twice before and loved the outcome.

Washi Tunic and Washi Dress

The two previous makes had been made with thrifted tablecloths and curtains, respectively, both of which are pretty heavy material. This time around, I used quilting cotton fabric. Next time I wear the dress, I'll wear it with a slip because the fabric clings to my leggings and rides up my legs in a funny way when I walk.

The fabric is a bit stiff, which I hope goes away with some washing. I lined the bodice using the videos posted here. The videos show a very very clever way to finish off the arm hole sleeves with the lining.

Because the pattern consists of three main pieces, I was able to match up my stripes reasonable well. The shoulder seams have a neat chevron effect from where the stripes match up.

I received several compliments on my outfit today and it is always fun to tell people that I made my dress.

Another thing I made this past week is a purse! One of my old roommates from Austin recently started a sewing blog and is hosting monthly sew-a-longs. This month, she chose the free Buttercup Purse Pattern.

For the fabric, I used an old pair of Matthew's shorts and some flower-y fabric from my newly acquired Mama stash. I was going to put a button closure on it, but decided to leave the top open. I did add a pocket on one side of the lining. It is the perfect size for me. It can hold my wallet, phone, keys and that is about it. I love it.