10 May 2013

Another Friday, another quick takes

Oh, I am very happy it is the weekend!

1. I believe that I have taken my last class as a graduate student. That is, unless I decide to take the cognate classes for the teaching "minor". But, my last physics classes, for sure! I should check that. I might be in for a rude surprise when I try to graduate next spring.

2. We went to look at the house next door to make sure we really want to move and we do. The two bedroom house (with dishwasher!) will be much better for us. I have moved at least once EVERY year since moving out of my parent's house in 2003. Geez, I should settle down at some point. Have I already said that in a previous quick take?

3. I am on the hunt for non-alcoholic non-sweet wine like beverages. I tried a fruit juice one, but it was waaay too sweet for my tastes. I would like non-alcoholic wine, but all the reviews I have read about NA wine is that it is very sweet. I tried to find some locally and no one carries any. Alcohol shipping costs are pretty high for me to just order a bottle to try and not like it.

4. I am writing these quick takes on Pomodoro breaks from editing my plasma term paper.

5. Marc and I are going to have a paper writing party. I'm going to sit in his office and we are each going to spend a couple of days writing papers to get them done and done.

6. I set a date (finally) for my thesis proposal. 22 May! 10:00! Morse 301! I could only book the room for two hours, so I hope they don't have to ask me too many questions.

7. I don't have depression, but several family members and close friends do. This description was enlightening and made me really appreciate that when I get blue, I am not very deep on the depression spectrum.