28 April 2013

More pictures of the kitty!

Sita laid is some very adorable positions today. The WHOLE INTERNET should marvel at the cuteness of our old cat. As Matthew said today "When she is gone, we will have lots of photos to remember her by".

She was laying her head ON her water glass this morning. Weird cat.

Laying at the end of the comfy, comfy bed.

Soaking up the sunbeam!

Head directly into the side of the kitty bed. Maybe her nose is cold.

26 April 2013

Friday! Quick! Takes!

I am happy this week is over, but my weekend is full full of working.

1. I received an e-mail this week from my advisor asking when I was going to do my proposal. I told him likely after classes were out, but before I start teaching in June. He said I should do it before summer time pay starts so I can get the small raise. Well that is nice of him, but it means that I have to do it in the next three weeks. I'm sending out the Doodle poll to get my committee together and putting the final touches on the proposal document this weekend.

2. I found out that the teaching stipend for teaching a summer class might be less than what I make as a grad student over the summer. My advisor said he would cover the difference so I wouldn't be making less, but that means I will need to do some actual work while I am teaching this summer.

3. I am really really enjoying "phyoga". The yoga class was going to be cancelled, but I encouraged Kris, Robert, Trevor, Matthew, and Camden to sign up and it has become physics yoga, or "phyoga". I am trying to decide where to go for yoga when the summer comes around. There is a new yoga studio in Durham called 3Bridges and for students it is $25/month unlimited classes. I am going to try a class and see if I like the style.

4. I don't know if it is true or not, but in the last e-mail I got from our produce delivery service, they said that Trader Joe's is closing. I don't know if that is just the one that is close by, or if all Trader Joe's stores are closing? I haven't been able to find anything when I do a search.

5. The kitty landed funny on one of her paws and is now limping around the apartment. We put rubbermaid boxes next to the bed and the desk leading up to her cat bed so she can have a step to use to get up and down. And surprisingly, she is using the steps and quite enjoying the help. We are going to look for wooden step stools to replace the storage containers.

6. I made my first item with my sewing machine. Earlier this week, I woke up around 0400 and decided to get up and sew. I cut out and made myself a simple apron. The neck tie is a bit too long, so I will need to take out where I sewed it in and adjust the length as well as add the pockets, but I am pretty pleased with it. Next up, Matthew's apron!

7. My favourite card game right now is Smash Up. We bought the expansion this week and it is great. The game is fun to play with 2 - 4 people, quick to learn, and fast to play. The different combinations you can make (Steampunk-zombies! Robot-aliens!) are interesting and each faction has strengths and weaknesses. I really really like it!

21 April 2013

I think this blog is turning into a cat blog

Well if I had a child, I would probably be posting lots and lots of photos of the kid, but since I'm not having children, here are lots of pictures of my cat (as well as other things).

I recently got my Nikon digital SLR repaired. Four years ago, I took my camera to the beach and it got sand inside of it. The camera wouldn't focus and would just make angry sounds when I tried to do the manual focus. I sent the camera off to United Camera and for about $100, they cleaned out my camera body and lense. I'm so happy to have the camera back! It has been four years since I have used it regularly and I have a much much better sense of what all the different settings mean from playing around with my film SLR. I can now take a million pictures of the cat and not worry that I'm going to run out of film.

This morning, Matthew and I went for a walk up to the grocery store to pick up a few things. We were walking along and heard a woodpecker. I'm not sure if I had ever seen a woodpecker before, but I was expecting it to be more red. It was also pecking into the side of a utility pole, I hope it was able to find something tasty to eat in there.

From 2013-04-21

When we got back from our walk, I sat down on the couch to do some work on my laptop. The kitty woke up, so Matthew put her in a sunbeam on one side of the couch.

From 2013-04-21

But she decided that my side was better and went to lay over there.

From 2013-04-21

From 2013-04-21

From 2013-04-21

After sunning herself in the sunbeam for a while, it was time for a trip outside to eat some grass.

From 2013-04-21
Look how long her tongue is!

That grass wasn't delectable enough, so she went in search of other grass.

From 2013-04-21

Finally Princess Prissy Paws decided it was time to go back inside. She will only come in the back door and not the front door, because she's a cat.

From 2013-04-21

Here are some adorable pictures of Matthew. I love him.

From 2013-04-21
From 2013-04-21
From 2013-04-21

Okay, time to get back to work!

20 April 2013

Friday Quick takes, a day late

I woke up this morning at 0100 and haven't been able to get back to sleep, so I decided to write a quick take post.

1. I went to bed Friday night around 2000, this might explain why I awoke at 0100. I have been so tired lately, but I haven't been able to get a full night sleep. Probably due to stress.

2. Speaking of stress, I am going to be soooo happy when this semester ends. Taking 2.25 classes, trying to wrap up some great research, and still spend time with my lovely husband? It has been pretty difficult. Matthew has been super duper great about taking care of householdy stuff so I don't have to think it.

3. Speaking of Matthew doing householdy stuff, we bought a cast-iron dutch oven a few months ago and he has started making bread in it. He covers it with olive oil and salt before baking and the bread comes out with a delicious crispy crust and light, airy interior. It is fantastic. I'm amazed that he doesn't get too frustrated working in our small kitchen.

4. Speaking of our small kitchen, we found out the people in the front house (we are in the carriage house) bought a house and will be moving in June. We are going to move to the more spacious front house. The move should be fairly easy - Matthew can move all the brew equipment from our side of the basement to the other side. The kitchen in our current place has been driving me crazy for a few months now and I will be happy to have things such as drawers! and a dishwasher! We will be losing the amazing deck and easy access to the backyard, but I really really am okay with that for a nicer place to cook. I look forward to actually cooking after this term is out.

5. Speaking of hobbies, the sewing machine I bought for my birthday is back home and I'm getting used to all the quirks that comes along with owning a 60 year old machine. I spent last weekend cutting up some fabric and testing out all the different stitches and pressure feet that came along with my machine. This weekend, I might make aprons for us as well as start sewing a skirt, if I can find the time around work stuff that needs to happen.

6. Speaking of work stuff, I'm going to try and write a GRL paper this weekend. I don't want to get scooped on some amazing results we have and Marc seems to think this paper should be fairly easy to write. He told me to cannibalise his last proposal and the EMIC paper I wrote for the magnetospheres class he is teaching this semester. I really do need to start writing some papers so I can GTFO of New England.

7. Speaking of New England, the weather has been warming up over the last few weeks and I'm finally not cold all the time anymore. I'm looking forward to warm, sunny days working in the garden or hosting croquet parties or sitting outside while the cat suns herself.

That's it for this week. If I'm going to up all night anyway, I might as well start working on #6.

02 April 2013

German Birthday Surprise

Last Friday on my birthday, I had to go to my plasma physics class. It is taught by an old German professor with the name Möbius, who is really really nice. I told him it was my birthday, because I was telling everyone I saw it was my birthday. "Oh! Happy birthday!" and I thought that was the end of it. It was not.

At the end of class he comes around to my chair and starts wheeling it to the front of the class "In Germany when it is someone's birthday, we give them a special honour. I need two other men up here with me." At this point, I'm so confused as to what is going to happen to me.

Eberhard explaining what is going to happen

So two of my classmates come up and they gather around my chair.

Eberhard starts singing a song:
Hoch soll sie leben!
Hoch soll sie leben!
Dreimal hoch!

And on each "Hoch!" I was lifted up in the chair.

I look pretty frightened in that picture and I guess I was, but it was also a pretty fun way to celebrate my birthday. AND it was the talk of the grad students for the day.

I found a video on Youtube showing the tradition.

All pictures stolen shamelessly from Muj's Facebook page.