26 April 2013

Friday! Quick! Takes!

I am happy this week is over, but my weekend is full full of working.

1. I received an e-mail this week from my advisor asking when I was going to do my proposal. I told him likely after classes were out, but before I start teaching in June. He said I should do it before summer time pay starts so I can get the small raise. Well that is nice of him, but it means that I have to do it in the next three weeks. I'm sending out the Doodle poll to get my committee together and putting the final touches on the proposal document this weekend.

2. I found out that the teaching stipend for teaching a summer class might be less than what I make as a grad student over the summer. My advisor said he would cover the difference so I wouldn't be making less, but that means I will need to do some actual work while I am teaching this summer.

3. I am really really enjoying "phyoga". The yoga class was going to be cancelled, but I encouraged Kris, Robert, Trevor, Matthew, and Camden to sign up and it has become physics yoga, or "phyoga". I am trying to decide where to go for yoga when the summer comes around. There is a new yoga studio in Durham called 3Bridges and for students it is $25/month unlimited classes. I am going to try a class and see if I like the style.

4. I don't know if it is true or not, but in the last e-mail I got from our produce delivery service, they said that Trader Joe's is closing. I don't know if that is just the one that is close by, or if all Trader Joe's stores are closing? I haven't been able to find anything when I do a search.

5. The kitty landed funny on one of her paws and is now limping around the apartment. We put rubbermaid boxes next to the bed and the desk leading up to her cat bed so she can have a step to use to get up and down. And surprisingly, she is using the steps and quite enjoying the help. We are going to look for wooden step stools to replace the storage containers.

6. I made my first item with my sewing machine. Earlier this week, I woke up around 0400 and decided to get up and sew. I cut out and made myself a simple apron. The neck tie is a bit too long, so I will need to take out where I sewed it in and adjust the length as well as add the pockets, but I am pretty pleased with it. Next up, Matthew's apron!

7. My favourite card game right now is Smash Up. We bought the expansion this week and it is great. The game is fun to play with 2 - 4 people, quick to learn, and fast to play. The different combinations you can make (Steampunk-zombies! Robot-aliens!) are interesting and each faction has strengths and weaknesses. I really really like it!


  1. This was a really great snippet of life! I appreciated it, but need to see pictures of the apron to be truly happy. :) Matthew's apron too!

    1. Thanks! I'll see if I can get some pictures taken this evening. They are pretty cute!