15 March 2013

7QT: Sita Edition

One year ago tomorrow, we welcomed Sita into our home. My Seven Quick Takes this week will be all about her.

1. Kitty butt is not a hide-y cat. She really prefers to be out in the open and above everyone else. She is The Alpha Cat. Here are two photos from her first night at our place.

2. Kitty-kins is a leaner. As you can see above and in the photos below, she likes to have her head above the rest of her body and lean on something comfy.

3. The Beast loves to lay on flat surfaces and watch everything going on.

4. Cat Butt Monster sleeps in the cutest positions.

5. If you are on a laptop, there is a 95% chance of a kitty coming in and laying on it.

6. Kittyloaf likes going outside to munch on grass and vomit. She refuses to take any stomach medicine, so we let her vomit whatever it is that she needs to get out of her upset stomach.

7. With The Cat's kidney disease, she needs to drink a lot of water and gets in whereever she can.

We love her a lot and we are going to miss her when she dies. However, I still think she is immortal and we will be carting her around from place to place.

You can see all the photos of her by clicking on the photo below.

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