29 March 2013

Birthday quick takes

Today is my 28th birthday! Birthday quick takes!

Yesterday was Matthew's 36th birthday and the one day of the year where we are separated by nine years in our age.

I share my birthday with 1 uncle, 1 cousin, and 1 child-of-a-cousin (is that a 2nd cousin?). June is a pretty sexy month, I guess!

I've had a couple of birthday parties where almost no one came to my party.

I am right on track for my goal of finishing my Ph.D by the time I'm 30. In fact, this time next year, I should be nearing completion!

When I was little, I would ask my mom to make a bunny cake for my birthday. I thought her skills of using two round cakes and cutting them up into ears, bow tie, and face was magical! Like this, but mine always had much much less candy.

I think it is always true that if my birthday is on a Friday, that it is on Good Friday. But the only other time I can remember my birthday being on Good Friday was when I was under the age of 9 and living Provo, so that rule might not always be true.

I bought an old school, all metal sewing machine off E-Bay a few weeks ago. According to the tracking information, it should arrive today. That will make an excellent birthday present.


  1. My mom made those same bunny cakes! (and yeah, no crazy candy like that photo. just pure bunny.)

  2. Ah the bunny cakes, I loved those too! and a sewing machine, how exciting! happy birthday!

  3. That great bunny cake reminds me of the lamb cakes my mother (and a million other expletive in our church) would make for easter! Here is the only picture I could find of such a cake, which is even in the url as being from '87, which sounds about right - though I recall having these cakes my entire childhood! http://providencearchives.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/singleitem/collection/p15352coll15/id/1014/rec/87

    1. Haha! Autocorrect error! "expletive" sb "PEOPLE." what a funny correction!