04 August 2013

Weekend Quick Takes!

1. I am done with my class! Well, very very nearly. I am waiting for my TA to finish grading all the labs so I can get a final grade distribution. I took the time to grade all my finals on the day they took it and I am so so happy that I did that.

2. Things I really enjoyed about my class: being able to do all the problems with no issue, having to relearn the small topics that I was slightly wobbly on, and students who were really into learning physics.

3. Things I did not enjoy so much: grading and students who were really not into learning physics. Did I mention grading?

4. Now that I am done with my class and I have no classes to take this year, my time is more open. I am looking forward to my dissertation writing schedule. Or at least the ease myself into writing my dissertation schedule: write for the first hour of the day before checking any email or doing anything else. If I am working well, then I can keep writing, or if I need to do something else, that is fine, at least I completed an hour of writing.

5. Before the dissertation writing, comes paper writing. I have one paper to finish this week. After finishing my AGU abstract, I am going to give that paper the old one-two punch.

6. Also, I am starting my job search. There are a few jobs I am very interested in and I hope someone wants to hire me.

7. Yesterday, I sewed a blouse from an old tablecloth I bought at Savers. It came out okay, the collar somehow shifted to one side so it is a bit wonky. The fabric I used frayed so so much. I would have gone back to fix the collar and a few other things, but I was afraid to unpick anything because of the fray. I might wear it once, but it did teach me a few new techniques: hand worked button holes, collars, darts on the sleeves for elbow movement. This morning, I took a shirt I bought at Goodwill that was too big, cut off the sleeves, sewed up the arm holes and now I have a skirt. It took about 10 minutes and I love it.

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