23 August 2013

Quick takes!

1. Sunday marks five years of Matthew and I being together! He picked me up from the airport after a two week graduate school tour and we have rarely been separated since that moment. It has been nothing short of amazing.

2. This picture was taken when I was in the Wisconsin part of my grad school tour and hanging out with the Milos.

Photo by Cousin Lisa.

My hair was so long and red!

3. We decided to make tasty dinner tonight to celebrate our 60/12 year milestone.

We made Thai Tofu Cakes, Grilled Maple Rum Glazed Panzanella Salad, and chocolate chip cookies.

4. I made a new dress last night. Every time I told someone that today, they were very surprised. It is another Washi, but made into dress form unlike last time. I used a pair of blue curtains I purchased from Savers. I love the weight of the fabric and this dress is amazingly comfortable.

I thought it would look good with the belt around the waist, but I think it is much better without anything holding the dress back. It needs room to breathe! This time, I cut a small again and shifted the dart straight down by 1.5 cm. The dart now hits at the exact right spot. I also extended the length of the bodice by about 1.5 cm, so it now ends at the bottom of my ribcage instead of just under my breasts. It has pockets!

The necklace I am wearing is one of the necklaces I received from my Grandma Trudy and it goes perfectly with the blue of the dress.

5. The cat wanted to go outside tonight and I decided to take pictures of her while she was checking everything out. She didn't want to stay put for the entire duration of the exposure.

6. The cat was very lounge-y the other night. She is adorable.

7. My next sewing adventure is the Elisalex Dress. I found some shiny muted mint green curtains at Savers that I think would be perfect for it. I am planning on the long sleeved version, but I might make it 3/4 sleeves if the long sleeves seem too overwhelming for the dress. I am also planning on making the skirt several inches shorter. I am going to attempt a full bust adjustment for the first time!

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