22 February 2013

7 Quick Takes

Here are my 7 quick takes for this week.

1. I'm taking two classes at the university rec center - yoga and pilates - and I'm reminded every week, that even though I do slow deliberate movement, it is still quite a workout. My abs are sore this morning.

2. It was quite difficult to give away our old bed via Craigslist. The amount of flakiness was astounding, to the point that Matthew thought he was being trolled. Trolled = someone e-mailing saying they will take the bed away, but then never coming over to get it, over and over again.

3. We are taking the train up to Portland, Maine for a weekend with friends not named Shane.

4. I hope the snow this weekend doesn't cause a disruption in the train schedule. I heard conflicting things about how much snow is supposed to fall.

5. Homemade bread is probably the best thing in the world.

6. I would like to make these sweet potato fries and possibly this chickpea flour pizza crust this weekend.

7. My favourite thing about winter involves stepping on thin sheets of ice to hear the most satisfying crunch sound ever.


  1. You're so right about flaky people and Craigslist! I've sold and given things away on Craigslist a bunch of times and it's just shocking how people behave. I could never tell someone that I'd be there at a certain time and then simply never show up, without even telling them. So rude.

    1. I agree, it is really unfathomable to me how anyone could be so flaky. Well, at least the bed is gone and we are done with Craigslist for now. I'll go back to my bubble of people who are reasonable and can write emails with whole sentences.