28 August 2016

Picture Quick Takes

1. I am growing out my hair. Well, the hair on one side of my head. We have finally found a hair dresser we like! And now I can do fun projects like growing out my hair in an asymmetrical fashion. Next hair cutting time, I'm coloring my flippy bit blue!

2. This past week, Matthew and I celebrated 8 years of being together. Today we made our anniversary dinner and drank a stupid delicious bottle of wine to celebrate.

We made Japchae, Curry Tofu Cakes, vinegar dipping sauce, with rice and ate on top of our Grandma Trudy placemats. It was so so great.

3. As part of a team building exercise at work, we painted parts of murals that will go into our hospitals. I got to paint the turtle butt. My job doesn't normally entail painting, but it is still pretty awesome.

4. We bought a house last month on our 95/12 anniversary! We took a week off work to paint, clean, and do construction work. We moved (or rather paid movers to move our boxes) into our new place last weekend. We love it a ton.

5. As part of the move, we purged our old college notes and text books. Does anyone need a lot of physics texts? We tried to sell them at Powell's but they wouldn't take them.

6. For my birthday this year, my sister bought me Ferment Your Vegetables and we did a great job of using our vegetable garden at the rental to make some ferments. Sauerkraut! Fermented Tomatillo Salsa! Cucumber Pickles!

7. A few months ago, Matthew and I went to Rockaway Beach and got Prontopups. So, of course, I had to get a picture of Matthew riding the Prontopup...!

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  1. Your new house looks so cute! I can't wait to come visit. The blue hair is an awesome idea, you will totally rock it. Especially perched atop a Protopup, whatever that is!