29 April 2016

Quick takes back again

1. I am updating my food blog with pictures of what I am bringing to work for lunch. It has been a fun exercise to decide what to eat for lunch every day, especially since the cafes at work are not fantastic.

2. I moved to a new cubicle a few weeks ago and I am now by a window, but unfortunately, I now face my boss.

You can see his monitors poking over the top of mine. My old desk is the one in the far background. My goal for the weekend is to buy a tall leafy plant to put between our desks.

3. I went to ACT-W last weekend and it was fantastic. It was wonderful to be around so many smart, nerdy women.

4. I am going through a sewing funk right now. I bought some bra making supplies, but the fabric I bought (from an online store) was so terrible to sew together, that it threw me into a funk. I am trying to decide what to make next. Maybe I'll try bras again with a different fabric.

5. I bought all the ingredients last weekend to make Watermelon Tuna, but never got around to making it. That will be this weekend's project!

6. I need to get new glasses.

I wear mine on top of my head any time I need to do something close up, otherwise my eyes are strained. Time to use my vision insurance!

7. Matthew went on a quick trip to Shanghai this past week and he brought back the most delicious green tea I have ever tasted. He bought it at a market where they were roasting the tea leaves. It tastes amazing. I can't wait to be able to make my own tea!


  1. For sewing, you should try making some costumes! Like for Halloween this year, or just for various events. I would make a full body fox suit, complete with ears and tail, if I had your skills, for example.

    Also, your cube is really cute!

    1. Matthew suggested the same thing with sewing. I think I will take on a project that is intricate and super detailed. I had a lot of fun with my blazer, so I should probably start another project like that.

      Thanks! I am going to get some of my photographs printed and put up on one of my walls to make a bit cozier.