21 September 2015


I love podcasts. I listen to them while sewing, riding the bus, at work, and while I'm doing things around the house. And because I love finding curated lists of podcasts by other people, I thought I would put together one of my own.

NPR 5 minute hourly news summary. This is what they play at the top of every hour and it allows me to get a quick news update whenever I update my podcast feeds.

Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten. Slow German news. It updates daily with about 10 minutes of slow read German news and I love it.

Tagesschau. More German news, but at a regular speaking pace.

Slow German. Slowly spoken German podcast about.. anything. The latest one was about having Coffee and Cake with friends and family on Sundays.

WDR Hörspiel-Speicher. I LOVE Hörspiels. They are German audio plays that can be disturbing, funny, strange, or historical. I have noticed two things though - a lot of people die (Er ist Tot!) and people apologize a lot to the point where the bad guy saying "Es tut mir NICHT leid, ha ha ha" was quite amusing to me. This podcast has a series of shows right now called Klaus Barbie and from what I could make out, I thought it was a detective going around to different cities around the world helping solve crimes or something. Well, it wasn't really and Klaus Barbie was not just some fun loving German detective and I don't REALLY know what I was listening to.

SWR2 Hörspiel. These are more documentary dramatizations Hörspiels. The one they did recently about Hurricane Katrina was really interesting to listen to.

Homestorys. I recently subscribed to this podcast, but it seems like they interview a different person every episode in their home and they just talk to them about their life. I like it so far.

Interesting people having conversations
Longform Podcast. One of three people will interview some sort of journalist about writing, gathering stories, and the process of creating. This is another recent addition, but I enjoyed the last couple of episodes.

Death, Sex, and Money. A WYNC podcast about... Death, sex, and money. The host, Anna Sale interviews famous people and no so famous people about really intimate things in their lives. They did a series of stories with people in New Orleans that were all amazing, but I especially liked Terri Coleman's episode. Also check out the Siblinghood episode.

On Being. This used to be called Speaking of Faith and Krista Tippett would interview a lot of priests, rabbis, theologians, etc. But with the name change, the format was changed to focus less of spirituality and more on passion, although there is still a lot of religious talk. Check out: Katy Payne, acoustic biologist who decodes elephant language and whale songs and Gordon Hempton, acoustic ecologist who records "silence" in nature.

Criminal. They interview a "criminal" or someone who knew the "criminal" every episode and tell their story. It isn't so clear on if the people are always criminals or not. Petrified Forest Thieves and the woman who acts an exit guide are a few episodes that I liked.

Strangers. Lea Thau interviews normal people so they are no longer strangers. She did an interesting series where she interviewed her past boyfriends to see what went wrong in their relationships. Or check out this episode with with a booker for Court TV on her job.

I'll blurb all the rest of my podcasts at a later date, but here is a list of them for reference.

Science Vs
This American Life
Planet Money
On the Media
Note to Self
Ask me Another
Snap Judgement
Slate's Double X Gabfest
Slate's Political Gabfest
Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything
99% Invisible
The Heart
The Allusionist
Reply All
Mystery Show
What's the Point
Best of the Left
Above & Beyond: Group Therapy
Deep House Cat

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