12 October 2013

Takes, takes, takes, takes, takes, takes, takes

After writing "takes" so many times for the title, the word has lost all meaning.

One: I made a muslin for the Sureau Dress today. I am super excited about doing the real dress. I bought a grey super king duvet cover at Goodwill a few weeks ago that I am going to use as my final fabric - it is going to be a fantastic fall dress.

Two: We are having a fall cocktail party next Friday! I have been extremely introverted the last few months and haven't really called/hung out with anyone and I think it is now time for some social interaction.

Three: Today while I was sewing, I listened through a backlog of Slate's Political Gabfest episodes and decided I wanted something a bit lighter so I looked through the This American Life episodes I have downloaded. I started listening to Use Only as Directed about Tylenol and how unsafe it can be. Not the lighter kind of story I really wanted, but it was amazingly interesting and makes me want to not use many of the "very safe" over the counter drugs.

Four: It might be time to turn on the heater. I keep finding Frau Katze burrowed under the covers on the bed taking her naps.

Five: These Smoky Lentil Tacos with Kabocha Squash and Green Tomato Salsa are on the menu for tomorrow and are a perfect way to use up the some of the vegetables from our final CSA delivery.

Six: A couple of weeks ago, Matthew surprised me with starting a brew of kombucha! I hadn't used my SCOBY in maybe 6 or 7 months and it has been a bit slow going to turn this tea into kombucha. The new daughter looks beautiful, though, so I'm sure with just another week or two the batch will come out well and I can have a regular supply of kombucha.

Seven: With NSF shutting down the Antarctic research season, our instruments at the South Pole and McMurdo might be turned off. Silly government shut down ruining scientific research.

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