03 December 2014

Jade Skirt and a little rearranging

I've been on a sewing streak this past week or so. I finished the Scout shirt I spoke about in the last post, but it has been relegated to the trash bin - dartless tops do NOT look fantastic on my bigger bust and the upper chest and back were much too tight for me. It is too bad because I LOVED the fabric I used. Oh well, at least I learned more about my serger and the insides were very clean.

On to something that totally worked for me! And I was able to serge almost all the seams!

This is the Jade Skirt pattern by Paprika Patterns. The skirt is "pay what you want" ranging from free to $25. I think the instructions were very through and they have a lot of information on their website if you run into any problems constructing the skirt. Unlike some indie patterns I have used, they are well worth whatever money you want to give them.

The skirt is a bit rumpled after being worn all day. My fabric doesn't have great recovery, so I can probably wear it once or twice before I have to send it to the magical place where everything shrinks back down to an appropriate size (laundry room). I made View A (mini skirt) in a size 2, but I probably should have gone with a size 1 for this fabric - the waist, especially, is really loose this evening.

Action shot!

Because the skirt is lined with a knit, it rubbed against my leggings all day and I had to adjust the skirt down a few times. I think I will be happier to wear this skirt with bare legs! I do love wearing short skirts with leggings or tights, though, because no one really needs to see my white, white legs.

Back view.

You can't see the darts very well on the back because of my sweater, but they are positioned at the correct position for maximum awesomeness on me. I apologize for all the wrinkles! I didn't realize it was that bad and my husband said that everything looked just fine.

And here it is without me.

I love this skirt. A lot. It is cute, different than many other skirts, and pretty easy to put together. The instructions even include a scaled down version of the folded pleats so you can practise before doing the folds before you go out at it with your fabric. I would recommend this pattern for sure and I'm looking forward to their next pattern!

A few weeks ago, we rearranged our 700 sq ft apartment so that I could have a bit more sewing space. We moved our bed into the living area and moved Matthew's computer and the love seat into the bedroom. This allowed me to spread out a bit more for sewing in the living area and I have been so much happier. Leaving the iron set up all the time has really added to my happiness.

The view from the bed.

I now have my serger and sewing machine set up on their own tables and have the large red rug to spread out fabric, patterns, etc. And the iron set up all the time! The only downside is once Matthew goes to sleep, I can no longer sew. This is usually only a problem if I wake up early in the morning and want to sew a bit before getting ready for the day, but this is not a big deal.

The cozy, cozy living room.

I love hanging out in our new living room. Matthew is usually on his computer and I can chat with him while I'm on my laptop or doing some sewing pattern stuff. The light is pleasant and due to the computers and closed in space it stays toasty warm.

I finished making a Watson bra a couple nights ago from the same fabric as this skirt and it is really comfy. The size I used is a bit small for me at the moment, but I'm going to wait about a week and then see if I still need to adjust the size. Ahem. I'll post some pictures soon.

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