03 October 2014

Quick Takes

1. Last Thursday, our kitty passed away. She lived a long 21 years and was one of the most mellow cats I have ever met. We miss her and we are glad we provided a comfy home for her last few years.

2. We are fostering a cat for Matthew's brother at the moment. It has been strange to have a young (8 years old) cat in the house after being used to the geriatric kitty. Ming deftly jumps onto tables and moves lightening quick. He also follows us around everywhere which is both cute and annoying. If you know anyone in the PDX area that needs a cat, let me know! We are not ready to be pet parents again.

3. I joined a yoga studio this week. They have an introductory $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga classes and after that it is $99/month. The two classes I have been to so far have been the best yoga classes I have ever been to. It is Vinyasa yoga and I love it. It turns out that my hips and hamstrings are super tight from sitting at my computer for the past five years. I'm excited to use this as my way to get in shape. I feel so so great after each class.

4. We are going to see Kinky Boots this weekend! I've been wanting to see this since listening to Cyndi Lauper on On the Media.

5. The weather has been delightfully beautiful the last few weeks. There has been a mixture of sunshine, rain, and cooler temperatures that makes walking and riding my bike absolutely fabulous. I am so so glad we moved back.

6. I'm brushing up on my Python coding skills by doing a Coursea course where you program interactive games. It has been a lot of fun so far (only two weeks in). I'm looking forward to the rest of the class.

7. I'm still subscribed the the GEM, SPA, and CEDAR newletters and it has been cracking me up that in every recent issue there are postings about tenure-track faculty positions in space physics. It looks like this is your year to get a permanent position if you want one!

1 comment:

  1. Hooray for yoga. It totally changes the state and feel of a body. I hope you love it.
    Also, there has been a lot of discussion about those tenure track jobs lately. Where did they all come from? And why all at once? And dammit why weren't they there 2 years ago, when there could have been some great postdoc positions opening up as people were stepping into faculty jobs?!?