22 June 2014

BurdaStyle Slender Pencil Trousers

Here are the pants I previewed in the last post. I love love love them.

I used this pattern from the Winter 2014 US BurdaStyle Magazine. Matthew Santa bought me the magazine for Christmas and it was probably the best gift I have received. This magazine comes out quarterly with 20ish sewing patterns (plus more that you can download for a fee) that are generally pretty interesting style-wise. I have picked up the next two editions (spring and summer) and will subscribe after we move. You do have to put up with tracing the patterns from sheets like those below, but that is not a big deal.

Onto the awesome pants. I had about a yard of the stretch cotton twill fabric I used for my coat and was trying to decide what to do with it. Matthew suggested that I try making some pants. I went through all the patterns I have and chose 4 patterns that were pretty simple - narrow leg, minimal pattern pieces - and settled on this one from BurdaStyle.

I have a few fitting problems, but for a first go they are amazing. I made a size 36 with no adjustments. There is waaaay too much fabric in the front for a stomach that I do not have and too much fabric under my bum for a butt I do not have. I asked for fitting advice on a few sewing forums and it was suggested that I shorten the crotch length in the front, do a flat belly adjustment, and a flat butt adjustment. I'll also take in the leg a bit more below the knee.

Despite the fitting problems, I have worn these many times since I finished them. The 3% spandex makes them just stretchy enough to be comfy, but not jegging-ish and I think the colour is perfect for pants. These pants fit right into my colour palate and the Autumn 2014 12 piece collection I am working on.

Most man I have shown my pants to has had some comment along the lines of "It must be difficult to use the restroom in those pants" due to no zipper in the front. Oh, women trousers, you are a mystery to men.

One last thing: My pants were a Featured Member Project on Burdastyle.com! I'm an internet superstar.

I am on a self imposed fabric buying ban until I find a job, so I'll have to wait to make another pair of pants from this pattern for a few months. I do, though, have some linen and denim to turn into pants from other patterns in the meantime. Let the summer of learning how to fit pants, begin!

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