27 November 2013

Archer Shirt

I made a button up shirt! I used the Grainline Archer pattern (all patterns are 20% off through Monday with the code GIVETHANKS20) and love it!

I cut a size 4 and used the 1/2 inch seam allowance everywhere except the side seams where I increased it to 5/8 inch. I'll probably still bring in the side to make it a bit more fitted. I didn't use the instructions provided with the pattern, but followed along on the Grainline Sew-a-long. I sewed most of the shirt in a few hours, but then the cuffs started confusing me, so I had to put it away until the next day.

I am a big fan and already have several other lengths of fabric designated for this pattern. The only thing I don't like about the pattern? Having to sew on soooo many buttons.


  1. Awesome shirt! And your hair looks really cute. And I love your pearls. And the pink sweater. Overall, this picture is just adorable.

    Maybe you will be happy to know that I've started sewing, bought some 60's-70's pattern lots on ebay, and completed my first project, which was not an article of clothing at all.

    1. Oh! That is great! What did you make? We'll have to chat at AGU about sewing awesomeness. I think I have enough dresses/skirts to wear handmade clothes all week, yay.